Solar Hybrid A.C

About Solar Hybrid A.C

  • Solar Thermal Air Conditioners take the improvements made by inverter technology to the next level. By capturing thermal (ambient) energy, the amount of work compressor does is reduced under full load and significantly extends the time the condenser is cycled off.
  • The Hybrid solar system can save you up to 30% of your running cost when compare to inventor and up to 80% when compare to two star and three star.

Running Principle of Hybrid A.C

Hybrid solar air conditioner is driven by electricity and with solar energy as an auxiliary power. The two kinds of energy work complementally in accordance with principles of fluid dynamics. It combines the absorption working system with compression system by using environmental friendly media in cooling and heating on the basis of traditional air-conditioner technology to achieve energy saving and environment protection.

Performance Chart

  • Hybrid solar Ac adopts eco-friendly gas, does not bring greenhouse effect.
  • Making use of solar, when air conditioner obtains setting temperature, it will stop using electricity.
  • Highly efficient, energy saving, comfortable and money saving, exceeding national first grade energy standard.
  • Durable and long lived, smooth running, low loaded operation of the compressor to extend its duration.
  • Easy installation, same as the traditional air conditioner.
  • With strong adaptability, solar hybrid Ac can run at low and high temperature from -1 degree C to 53 degree c.

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