Roaches Plus (Cockroach)

The pest cockroaches can be carriers of various diseases, because they are commonly found near waste deposits or where food is present. Cockroaches emit unpleasant odours and can contaminate food and create nuisance.


We carries out Gel and Spraying Treatment which is odourless, hassle free and have long lasting effect. It helps to evade disease spreading and nuisance creating intruders like cockroaches. The treatment is safe for environmentand people, which can be done without vacant premises.

Rodeo Plus (Rat)

Rats are the most disastrous animals that damaging valuable properties like furniture, Electric wires, Clothes and even cause food contamination with faces, urine and impart foul odour. They spread epidemic diseases. Rodent are among the most widespread and riotous animal that live on food and shelter.


We provide Baiting and Trapping treatment, which help in reducing and evading the rodent from premises.

Culicidae Plus (Mosquito)

Mosquitoes are one of the most common insects that encounters by human every day but also very dangerous for human as they suck blood and known for spreading various hazardous diseases, such as malaria, dengue and chickengunia. Mosquito restriction is task of managing the population of mosquitoes by reducing their growth by eliminating from breeding grounds by removing unused plastic pools, old tires, draining puddles and swampy areas, clearing stagnant and clogged water.


We carry out spraying and fogging treatment to destroy, reducing and to control mosquitoes growth.

Termigaurd Plus (Anti-Termite)

Termites are known as “Silent Destructor” as they have ability to damage the wood, flooring, paper, cloth, electrical wire coatings, rubber, carpets, plastics etc. They destroy anything that contains “Cellulose”. There are more than 2000 known termite species in the world. Each year termites cause more the 5 Billion in property damage. Subterranean termites are the most damageable and frequently encountered kind of termite.


We provide AMC for pre con-termite treatment with 10 years Warranty and post con-termite treatment with 1 year and 5 year warranty and spot treatment

Bed Bug Plus

Bed bug is a parasitic pest. They are small red brownish, flattened insects that feed and rely completely on the warm blood of human and animal. They usually hide in baggage, clothing, mattress, bed and furniture cracks & crevices in the wall, box springs, boards and feeds on blood at night. Bed bugs are hitch hiker and can be found in hotels, hospitals, restaurants, theatres, public transport, houses etc. They move from one place to other along with people laguagge, clothing and even laptops. They even leave a blood stains behind and also releases very bad odour.


We carried out Water based and Oil based treatment, Brushing Treatment and Steam Based treatment.

Bird Shield Plus

Bird droppings are very acidic in nature. Their droppings and nests carry diseases. Birds like pigeons are repository of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Bird’s droppings and feathers cause diseases like “histoplasmosis”. The Birds damage the property like floors and roofs of the houses and building by nesting, rousting and landing and also with their droppings they damaging the paint and equipment, create a nuisance and negative image.


We provide the Bird Netting and Bird Spiking treatment which work as bird shield to protect and make them evade from premises

Borer Plus

Wood borer are also known as powder post beetles, which are tiny beetles whose larvae feed extensively on wood and make them destroy. They create tiny pin size holes on the surface of wood their infestation is yellowish powder from wood. They damage to wood furniture’s, wood floors, timbers.


We provide specialized treatment like by injecting oil based chemicals (Solution) in the holes and also spraying oil based solution on entire infested portion and then pack by wood wax.

Musca Plus (Flies)

Flies are nuisance creating pest when they are flying around and they are capable of carrying over 100 pathogens, which able to cause typhoid, cholera, Tuberculosis and parasitic worm. They are a disease transmitter and can transport parasitic, bacterial diseases and viruses. The major species of flies are Housefly, Drain or Sewer Fly and Fruit Fly. Flies breed in any decaying organic matter, rotting organic matter such as Garbage’s, Manure, Excreta, and Filth etc.


For control of flies we provide chemical treatment like residual spraying of insecticides and destroy their breeding.

General Pest plus

There are various pest we found in our house, which create nuisance and threat to our property as well as our health. A general pest like Ants, Spiders, Silver Fish, Lizards cause diseases and effect human health and also it is discomfort and social embarrassment.


The treatment is carried out residual Spraying of insecticides and spot treatment. The initial spray kill any pests that are present. Pest which come in contact with the insecticide will not always die instantly. They become sick and eventually die.

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